Police warn of viral TikTok trend to steal Hyundai, Kia vehicles as 16-year-old is arrested in Shelton

A 16-year-old was arrested in Shelton early Tuesday morning after stealing a Hyundai, and it's apparently all part of a viral social media challenge to steal cars.
"It involves just damaging the ignition and then it's clearly shown in the video of using a screwdriver and the USB to start up the vehicle of these two cars," said Shelton Police Lt. Robert Kozlowsky.
Kozlowsky says in the last three days, six Hyundai or Kia cars have been stolen.
"Most of the vehicles were locked, and they were smashing the windows of the vehicle, damaging the ignition, and then using the charger as shown in the TikTok video to steal the vehicle," he said.
Just after midnight, Shelton police arrived at Coram Avenue and Hill Street after a concerned citizen called police. A 16-year-old from Ansonia was arrested. He said he was following a trend on TikTok.
The TikTok videos show how to steal these cars in seconds, just by using a USB cable.
Both car manufacturers say they are working with law enforcement and making steering wheel locks available. Officials say people should try to park their cars in well-lit areas.
Police are encouraging all parents to talk to their kids about the dangerous social media trends.
"People see these videos and they think 'Hey, steal a car and go for a joy ride,' but there's a lot more impact. That's what needs to be relayed," said Kozlowsky.