Police: Person arrested in connection to vandalism of Mamaroneck Black Lives Matter mural

Police are investigating after a Black Lives Matter mural in Mamaroneck was vandalized on Monday.

News 12 Staff

Jul 13, 2021, 10:18 AM

Updated 1,102 days ago


One person has been arrested as the investigation into vandalism at a Black Lives Matter mural in Mamaroneck continues.
This is the second time the mural on Van Ranst Place was vandalized since it was first painted in October.The latest incident happened in the afternoon when a person allegedly threw a can of paint onto the mural and took off in a car.
Investigators found a can of paint on the ground. There were also tire marks on the mural after a car ran through the paint, although police are trying to determine if that was intentional or it happened when a car drove through the area.
Police say they arrested a person for criminal mischief, but they're still investigating to confirm if the vandalism was intentional.
News 12's Lisa LaRocca's Facebook live from Mamaroneck, where a Black Lives Matter was vandalized Monday afternoon.
In September, the village Board of Trustees voted 3-2 against painting the street mural, but later approved it. Then just a few days after it was painted in October, the mural was vandalized.
Organizers say if this vandalism proves to be intentional, they hope the person is held accountable.
"I'm happy that they made a quick arrest, but the person should definitely be prosecuted, and they should be made to come down and paint this thing," says mural co-creator Jarrett Winchester.
Mamaroneck Mayor Tom Murphy released a statement calling the vandalism an "ignorant, unkind act that does not define this community." He also promises the mural will be repaired and repainted.

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