Police: Mount Vernon man killed 3 in Brooklyn apartment before taking his own life

Police say a Mount Vernon man is accused of killing three people in a Brooklyn apartment Monday night before taking his own life.
According to the NYPD, 46-year-old Joseph McCrimon was at a party to celebrate his 9-year-old daughter's birthday when he gunned down the child's mother - 45-year-old Rasheeda Barzey - along with the girl's half sisters, 20-year-old Solei Spears and 16-year-old Chloe Spears.
McCrimon's 9-year-old daughter was found unharmed inside the apartment after a chilling 911 call where she told police, "Daddy's not coming for my birthday, he didn't bring presents."
Police believe McCrimon then turned the gun on himself.
His body was found outside a building at the same apartment complex on Sutter Avenue in Brooklyn.
Police say this was not McCrimon's first offense.
According to the New York state Department of Corrections, he was convicted of manslaughter back in 1995 and served about eight years in prison.
News 12 has also learned that McCrimon was involved in a bank robbery in Ardsley back in 2013.
According to U.S. Attorney's Office records, he entered a Wells Fargo and handed the teller a note that threatened to detonate an explosive device unless the teller gave him $20,000. He was sentenced to five years in prison.
Police tell News 12 that his motive in the latest incident is still under investigation, but that they know he left to see them in an agitated state.
Police say McCrimon and Barzey had a rocky, on-and-off relationship with for 20 years.
Police say there was no history of domestic issues or 911 calls.