Police: Man shot near budget meeting that resulted in job cuts for first responders in Newburgh

Newburgh police say a man was shot near a budget meeting that resulted in job cuts for first responders.
Officials say 27-year-old Kevin Garcia was shot in the leg on Lander Street, just blocks from where city leaders voted to cut positions on the police force and firefighters.
Authorities say Garcia was brought to the hospital and is expected to recover. 
Meanwhile, Newburgh city officials claim the budget cut will save $3 million, but many say they fear the decision will put residents in harm’s way.

The Newburgh City Council passed its 2020 budget by a vote of 6 to 1 Thursday night.
The fiscal plan includes the elimination of 14 firefighter and 19 police officer positions. They are to be laid off in the new year.
According to some studies that gather the latest data from the FBI, Newburgh is one of the most dangerous small cities in the country.
One study shows that in one year, there were 359 calls for violent crimes and 795 for property crimes. Police say these cuts will cause those numbers to rise.

According to police and firefighters, to prevent layoffs in the past, they agreed to less pay and made countless concessions.