Police: 34-year-old motorcycle driver dies in crash with SUV, parked car

Police tell News 12 they believe he had a "medical episode," though it is not clear if that was before or after the crash.

Brittany Cadet and

News 12 Staff

Apr 17, 2024, 12:41 PM

Updated 33 days ago


Police say a 34-year-old motorcycle driver died after going through a red light and crashing at the corner of Waring and Barker avenues in Allerton.
The motorcycle driver has been identified as Ceasr Alfonso, 34. He collided with one SUV and then hit a parked car, police say.
The family of Alfonso spoke out on Tuesday afternoon, saying that when they went to identify the body, there was no signs of trauma to his face or body that would match a motorcycle crash - but that they noticed his bruised wrists, which they believe may have come from handcuffs.
Police say that Alfonso was not arrested on scene. They say that when officers arrived on the scene that Alfonso was fully conscious and spoke with the officers before he began to look noticeably weaker.
Alfonso's family members say that he was a calm, family-oriented father of three and that they believe there's more to the story.
The NYPD insists that there was no police pursuit that is connected to the fatal crash.

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