Pleasantville reels from apparent murder-suicide of two children and two adults

The small community of Pleasantville is reeling from the apparent murder-suicide of one of its families.
Police have not released the names of the family, but sources tell News 12 a man who lived at 57 Romer Ave. stabbed killed his wife and two children, then killed himself.
Parents in the community tell News 12 the children are a pre-K girl and a second grade boy, who attended Bedford Road School.
They say the mother was considered the mayor of the block, and was always waving and smiling as were the kids. News 12 was told the little boy was also involved in some sports.
While most neighbors have declined to be interviewed because they are too upset, some have told News 12 off camera that this is far from the norm for this tight knit community. They say up until this incident they felt like Pleasantville was its own world, in its own bubble, free from crime and tragedy.