Pleasantville man plays 1,000 days of ping pong

A Pleasantville man with a busy, international travel schedule says he played ping pong on each of 1,000 days straight, while on the move.
Since beginning his quest, Will Shortz says he's traveled to 24 countries. He reached his goal Wednesday at home.
And as if globetrotting and table tennis weren't enough to occupy Shortz's time, he still had his day job to fall back on -- he's the editor of the famed New York Times Crossword Puzzle.
"My work used to be puzzles," Shortz says. "Now I have this other thing I'm obsessed with."
So the puzzle guy, who works from his home office in Pleasantville with the help of his assistant, Joel, and a stack of dictionaries, became the ping pong guy.
"I used to feel I was one-dimensional," Shortz says. "Now I'm two-dimensional."
Shortz says he'll keep the streak alive until he doesn't want to play anymore, but even after 1,000 days he says he doesn't think he's ready to stop.