Phase 1 finished in luxury apartment development in Haverstraw

Phase 1 finished in luxury apartment development in Haverstraw

A brand-new luxury development on the river is transforming one town in Rockland, and setting a new tone of what may be to come for the county at large.
The Waterfront at the Harbors-at-Haverstraw offers a near 360-degree view of the Hudson River out of the 40 new apartments that opened Thursday in Haverstraw.

The event, attended by county and local officials, marked the end of the first stage of a 20-year-long development project officials say has transformed the town.

“It certainly brought in a new demographic of people. It's brought in additional tax dollars that were sorely needed. It's helped us demonstrate better who we are,” says Village of Haverstraw Mayor Michael Kohut.
Phase two of the decadeslong development project includes building 250 condos across the water from Harbors-at-Haverstaw. It will be called Admirals Cove and will be right across from the ferry from Ossining.

Developer Martin Ginsburg, the man behind the 20-year development project, says he decided to build in Haverstraw after discovering what he says was a desolate, industrialized town right on the river.

“I had the Hudson River, I had the highest mountains in Rockland County right on the other said, and I said, 'There's magic here. We have to do something,'” says Ginsburg. 

Developers say they hope to start construction on Admirals Cove sometime next year and continue to put more money into revitalizing the downtown with new storefronts, restaurants and building details.