Petition alleges New York Boulders stadium fireworks are terrorizing animals at nearby shelter

Nearly 2,000 people have joined a petition protesting fireworks at New York Boulders stadium.
The stadium is located less than one mile from Hi Tor Animal Shelter and the petition says their firework show is terrorizing the animals at the shelter.
The petition wants the stadium to instead use no or low-noise fireworks or switch to a laser show for the animals.
In a statement, the Boulders say they have taken steps to mitigate noise outside the ballpark and reduced the number of fireworks shows, reduced the length of the shows, removed the percussion shells, and now only use 4-inch shells with less noise. They also say “the Boulders partner with Hi-Tor as they come to every Saturday home game (with the fireworks) to generate awareness for the shelter and find new owners for their animals. More than 40 animals have found new homes as a result of this partnership. The irony is Hi-Tor likes the Saturday games as they are the largest crowds because of the fireworks and that increases their exposure and the odds of a fan adopting a new family pet. Thus the 40+ adoptions, which should be the ultimate goal for every Hi-Tor supporter. Signing petitions are easy, but working to find homes for the animals takes effort and commitment…both which the Boulders are proud to provide.“