72-year old Spring Valley pedestrian fatally struck by car

A 72-year old Spring Valley pedestrian is dead after getting hit by a car Rockland County Thursday evening.
Ramapo police say a car fatally struck Susanne Noel around 8:30 p.m. on West Eckerson Road between Route 45 and Hempstead Road in Hillcrest.
Employees who work in the area tell News 12 that Noel often bought lottery tickets at a gas station and 7-Eleven near the accident site.
The driver of the car has not been identified yet. Witness say she remained on the scene and was the one who called 911. It is also unknown yet if the driver is facing any charges.
West Eckerson Road was closed for several hours as the accident investigation unit completed its work. The road reopened around 2 a.m.