Pearl River administrators apologize for mocking parents on hot mic

Several Pearl River administrators apologized Tuesday for mocking parents on a hot mic during a recent school board meeting.
Parents at that meeting had been frustrated that their children are still not in class full-time.
The three administrators seemed to downplay concerns, not realizing the meeting was still being broadcasted online. It ignited a firestorm of criticism from parents.
"I feel truly terrible my words may have caused any parents to feel unheard or disrespected," says assistant superintendent of human resources Diana Musich.
"I made a statement that was hurtful and for that I am truly sorry," says Carolyn Moffa, the director of special services.
"If I'm to serve as a leader, I must take full responsibility learn from my mistakes and dedicate myself to words and actions that matter the most going forward," says Dr. Robert Roelle, the assistant superintendent of curriculum.
One parent said following the apologies, "How are we supposed to trust you and the three amigos caught on a hot mic last time."
In response, the district's superintendent says they will work on "restoring your confidence." He has not commented if those involved will be punished.