Paulie’s Push honors bravery of flight attendants during 9/11

A former flight attendant is making sure that the bravery of his colleagues during 9/11 is not forgotten.
Paulie Veneto pushed an airline beverage cart across the state line into Westchester County Monday on the final leg of his walk from Boston to ground zero.
Paulie’s Push is an effort to honor those fallen crew members whose bravery on 9/11 is often overlooked.
His journey started two weeks ago at Logan International Airport in Boston and will end on this Sept. 11. at ground zero.
It's the same path the crew of United Flight 175 took 20 years ago and it's the flight Veneto could have been on if he hadn't worked the weekend before.
The pain of losing a crew of friends all led to a more than a decade long struggle with addiction.
"Little did a realize, all my emotions were being numbed out. I never dealt with 9/11 emotionally," Veneto said, but added that a miracle happened in 2015. "The obsession was lifted. The obsession was lifted, and I knew at that point six years ago I was going to recognize these guys."
Veneto realized his mission is to pay tribute to these brave flight attendants.
"How can we not as Americans not recognize them as heroes? They fought terrorism that morning," he said and added that it's another reason he wants future generations to know their story.
“When I first saw that, these little kids saying ‘Go Paulie go,’ you see I get emotional 'cause I know that their parents had them out there and they are telling them the story of 9/11,” Veneto said.
Veneto’s more than 200-mile walk is also helping raise money for 9/11 victims’ families.