Paterson 101: Felician University to offer 6 courses on the Silk City

Anyone who has ever wanted to learn more about Paterson can now do so thanks to a series of courses offered by Felician University.
The college, which has campuses in Rutherford and Lodi, is now offering a new Humanities program called “Prism Paterson,” which includes courses built entirely around the study of the Silk City.
“So, the idea is you're not just learning in a classroom or you're not just learning from textbooks. But you're learning about a place and you're doing that by actually engaging in that place, in that community and with people from the community,” says George Abaunza, the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.”
Students can take all six courses for a Humanities minor or four courses to receive a Humanities certificate.
For those wondering why anyone would study Paterson – a city known currently as one with a high crime rate – Abaunza says that it is simple.
“The idea is looking at the Humanities through the lens of the rich cultural and artistic history of Paterson,” he says.
A literature course will focus on well-known Paterson authors like William Carlos Williams and Alan Ginsburg. There will be courses in photography, community writing and social and cultural history.
The classes will also be open to non-university enrolled students. They are hoping members of the community who are not enrolled will take the courses to learn more about their city.