Stray showers tonight, sun and clouds for the NYC workweek

NOW: Chances for a stray shower tonight. Temperatures drop below 70 overnight.
NEXT: Remaining unseasonably cool this week and trending drier Tuesday and Wednesday, with temps to remain in the 70s and 80s
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Darryl Green says the chance for much-needed rain on Tuesday and Wednesday could be moving to the weekend.
Overnight: A few clouds, mild and pleasant. Humid. Lows near 67.
Tuesday: Sun and clouds, breezy. Highs near 80. Lows near 66.
Wednesday: Unseasonably cool, chance of a stray shower. Highs near 79. Lows near 65.
Thursday: Clouds then sun, nice and pleasant. Highs near 83. Lows near 68.
Friday: Mostly sunny, warm and slightly muggy. Highs near 86. Lows near 70.
Saturday: Mix of sun and clouds, warm and humid. Highs near 88. Lows near 71.
Sunday: Hints of sun, chance of showers. Highs near 83. Lows near 67.