Pace University hosts therapy dogs to combat final exam stress

Pace University students are taking a break from school work to snuggle with furry friends from the Good Dog Foundation.
“Having the dogs come for two days, finals week, that really helps and it really makes you feel like the school really wants to help and really wants to push students to do well and to feel not as stressed out,” says student Ethan Wood.
Along with students, the university’s faculty also looks forward to the precious moment.
"I would say these are my two favorite days of the semester," said Pace University librarian Steven Feyl. “They’re a stress relief, not just for the students but also for the staff, and there are faculty members that will come in and visit with the dogs as well.”
The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that many recent studies find animal therapy benefits people with stress and depression. 
“I see students that just seem to be drained and lack energy just seem to have a revival of energy, so all of the sudden they’re animated, they’re engaged, they’re alert and being with a dog just helps them in that way,” says Nicole Gilpin, visit coordinator of the Good Dog Foundation.
Pace University has partnered with the organization for 10 years to help students tackle final exams.