Pace University community unveils mural honoring Danroy 'DJ' Henry

The community at Pace University is remembering the life of Danroy "DJ" Henry, the football player who was killed by a Pleasantville police officer 11 years ago.
A mural honoring Henry now hangs in Pleasantville.  
Pace University students worked together to create the mural honoring DJ Henry in the student center. The mural is a portrait of Henry in his Pace Football uniform.
The artist also included his number, which was 12.
There is an emblem that says "Family First" because it was the Henry family's motto and DJ supposedly had a tattoo of the phrase.
The art project was primarily driven by students.
They raised money for it, picked the artist and helped brainstorm what the mural should look like.
Some people remember the events of Oct.17, 2010 vividly.
Accounts of the tragic night vary, but the 20-year-old was sitting in his car outside a Thornwood bar when police responded to reports of a fight.
Police say when they asked Henry to move his car out of a fire zone, he sped away.
He hit Officer Aaron Hess, who ended up on the hood of the car and fired his gun at the windshield.
Surveillance video appears to show Henry slowing down, and witnesses say Hess jumped on the hood.
Nonetheless, Hess was never charged in Henry's death.
Students and staff hope the mural keeps Henry's memory alive and inspires students to have important conversations that inspire them to push for social justice.