Overcome all obstacles during a parkour adventure in Mount Kisco

You'll need every muscle in your body for this "Road Trip: Close to Home" to ROAMFurther Athletics in Mount Kisco.
It's a place where parkour is practiced and eventually mastered.
ROAMFurther Athletics owner Joe Cannato says parkour is like a lifestyle. He says it's similar to martial arts, but rather than focusing on self-defense or fighting, it's obstacle-based.
The challenges that come with the movements are worked through your mindset.
Cannato says trained coaches help you work on breaking your mental barriers to see through different approaches to your abilities.
You can reserve a session for any age or experience and you'll be launching off with valuable life skills in no time!
ROAMFurther also has its own specialty coffee bar within the gym where you can fuel up before hitting the road home.
To learn more about booking your next adventure, click here https://roamfurther.com/