Over 100 gather at ‘Stand up for America’ rally in Carmel

More than 100 people gathered in Carmel Sunday to "Stand up for America" in light of protests by NFL players.
The event was organized by Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell. Odell heavily criticizes the NFL players who are protesting racial inequality and police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem.

"That's not America, that's how I was raised, that's now how my parents were raised, and that is certainly not how I raise my children," she said.
While the majority of people at the rally stood during the anthem, there were some people like Andrew Falk who took a knee.
"Dissent is patriotic and we do this because we, too, love America," he said.

The rally comes as Westchester police unions call for a "long-overdue" dialogue between police and NFL leaders.
In a letter they stated, "I say to all NFL leaders, don't take a knee. Take a seat. At the table. With us."

While the rally was also about raising money for veterans. More than $5,000 in donations was given to the Vet to Vet program in Putnam County to help returning veterans re-assimilate into society.