Orange County residents stock up on goods, officials make plan for coronavirus

Orange County officials say they have one person in voluntary self-isolation after returning from an area where there was community spreading of the coronavirus.
They say there are still no confirmed cases of the virus in Orange County.
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News 12’s Carolyn Rowe was in Monroe Wednesday where residents were stocking up on hand wipes, sanitizer and surface disinfecting wipes.
At the Walmart, shoppers were buying up bottled water, canned goods and cleaning supplies.
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But it's not just shoppers who are preparing for the coronavirus. The Orange County Department of Health is continuing to work and plan with school districts, EMS and hospitals to make sure they are ready should the virus make its way into the county.
Officials at Orange Regional Medical Center say their preparedness teams have been working for several weeks. They are screening patients for recent travel history and asking if they are experiencing any fever or respiratory symptoms.
Officials say symptomatic patients will be masked and evaluated in a private room or negative pressure isolation rooms.
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