Orange County looks to ban unvaccinated campers, staff

A new ban in Orange County is aiming to protect kids from the spread of measles this summer.
Health officials say all non-vaccinated and undervaccinated campers and staff will be excluded from attendance.
Orange County now has three dozen confirmed cases of the highly contagious virus.
The order requires summer camps to submit proof of vaccination.
The measure comes as both Orange and Rockland counties struggle to contain the outbreak, with nearly three dozen confirmed cases in Orange and hundreds more in Rockland.
Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus says more needs to be done and issued this statement on the ban.
"State legislators have known about the growing measles epidemic and have failed to act. They must step up and take action to protect our young people and families,” says Neuhaus.
Orange County is calling on state lawmakers to act on legislation that would remove vaccination exemptions, except for medical reasons.
Orange County officials say camps that do not comply with the new regulations will face fines and legal action.