Orange County executive sends COVID-19 'SOS,' seeks containment zone

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus is asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo for assistance after confirmed cases of COVID-19 doubled overnight.
“I asked the governor yesterday for a containment zone in the village of Kiryas Joel in the town of Palm Tree. Those numbers are skyrocketing as you see. We need help. I honestly don't think that the United States and the state have the capability of delivering everything at once right now. So we do not have the capability or the green light to do that,” he says.
According to Neuhaus, he’s mostly concerned about the dwindling number of hospital beds, available tests and high unemployment rates as the county reports 126 positive cases.
He also says there are 30 confirmed cases in Kiryas Joel, but the number may increase as thousands of tests are still pending.
The county declared a state of emergency on March 15.
Neuhaus says despite the orders and warnings, he’s received word of groups continuously congregating in crowds. Moving forward, authorities will be dispatched to disassemble the gatherings.
Meanwhile, the Orange County Health Department announced that someone who tested positive for coronavirus was at a synagogue in the Vyoel Moshe School in Monroe on Monday, March 16, while symptomatic. Anyone at the facility on that date is advised to call the Department of Health at 845-291-2330.
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