Officials: Number of Alzheimer's patients to skyrocket in coming years

With Alzheimer's Awareness Month days away, doctors are making sure to keep people in the know of warning signs of the disease that families need to be aware of.
Nearly 6 million Americans struggle with Alzheimer's, with the number projected to skyrocket to 14 million over the next three decades. The Alzheimer's Associations says everyone is at risk.
"It could be extremely difficult and scary for a family when they receive this diagnosis, especially if they are not aware of what the disease is," says Jessica Flores, diversity specialist at the Alzheimer's Association.
Alzheimer's is a progressive brain disease, resulting in a loss of brain cells and functions. Memory loss is a clear early indicator.
On top of memory loss, other warning signs include difficulty problem solving, completing familiar tasks, speech issues, confusion and changes in mood.
"It's important to become educated on it and know what to look for. Maybe someone you know is experiencing these changes," says Flores.
If you'd like to learn more about the warning signs, the Alzheimer's Association is having an event Tuesday.