Officials claim Fox News footage shows federal contractors flying migrants to Westchester

U.S. representatives allege that Fox News bodycam footage shows the arrival of undocumented immigrants in Westchester.
Former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, who was on "Tucker Carlson Tonight," says that the footage is evidence of a crime.
"I saw with my own eyes after they denied it by the way... that they were put onto a bus... and then released into cars into the community," Astorino says.
Astorino says he got the footage of a county police officer's bodycam, which recorded the officer talking with federal contractors, through a Freedom of Information request.
The video shows contractors telling the officer they're not allowed to show their work IDs and they don't even know where they're going.
Pace law professor Tom McDonnell says the U.S. is a country that has opened our arms to people in need - and while it seems like the Biden administration is trying to hide the flights, it could just be a way to protect children.
Similar claims were made back in October. The White House commented that the flights only carry refugee children and teens who are in their custody until they're brought to their resettled families across the country.
County officials tell News 12 in a statement, “Westchester County Government has no power or authority to allow, disallow, interrupt, cancel or in any way restrict a Federal Government action, which is what these flights are. We do not control the air traffic, nor can we stop these flights from landing. It is no different than when the Trump Administration housed almost 1,000 immigrant children in four locations across Westchester back in 2018; at that time, we inquired about the specifics, and were told then as we are told now, it is not a matter for County authority. Note there was no concerns or outcry when it was the Trump Administration’s policies at hand.
The Federal government has stated publicly that these are minors, not criminals, that these are vaccinated, not unvaccinated, and that they are bound for locations outside of Westchester, using the Airport to transport them onto buses for other locations. Those who object should reach out to Federal officials to express their displeasure.”