Officials: 2,000 measles vaccines administered since outbreak

News 12 has learned that Rockland County has given about 300 MMR vaccines since a measles outbreak began, and a partnering health clinic has given out 1,700.
Dozens of families turned up Thursday to the county’s Health Department, which was offering free MMR vaccines at the community outreach center. It was the latest in a series of free vaccine clinics offered by the county following the outbreak, which started at the beginning of this month.
The outbreak started after several people infected with the virus returned from Israel.
A spokesperson for the Hasidic Jewish community says he believes it spread so quickly because it's happening in a community that regularly gathers in large groups, so it has exposed more people.
It does appear that people are heeding the county Health Department’s warning to get the potentially lifesaving MMR vaccine.
The number of confirmed cases is up to 18, with six more suspected.
There will be another free vaccine clinic Friday in Spring Valley.