NYPD probes threats against News 12 Westchester reporter

What started out as a news story about a NYPD police lieutenant from Yorktown involved in the racially charged shooting in Queens has now taken on a life of its own.
The NYPD is investigating threats made against a News 12 reporter and a woman who happens to share the same name. Officers objected to News 12 reporter Tara Rosenblum showing the lieutenant?s house on camera in a story about the shooting. Lieutenant Gary Napoli was in charge of the undercover unit that fired 50 shots at Sean Bell and his apparently unarmed friends in front of a Queens strip club on Bell's wedding day. Bell died from his injuries.
While News 12 Westchester says it never revealed Napoli's address, it says posters on an Internet Web site dedicated to police officer's complaints went ballistic. A Web poster published Tara Rosenblum?s address in reaction to her story, however, it was a different Tara Rosenblum than the reporter. Now, that woman and the News 12 reporter have been receiving threats. While NYPD internal affairs and the Queens District Attorney?s office are still looking into the Bell shooting, police say they are also investigating threats of physical violence, along with sexist and anti-Semitic slurs found in a letter slipped under the door of the other Tara Rosenblum.