NY Democratic lawmakers seek ‘fair election’ legislation

Local Democratic lawmakers are calling on their party's leaders to pass what they call “fair elections" legislation, a day before the new legislative session begins in Albany.

Newly elected state Sen. Peter Harckham says voting is hard for New Yorkers, and that it has to change in 2019.
Harckham and other local elected officials gathered in White Plains to discuss legislation that will promote fair elections in the state of New York.
The first is to tackle laws that make it difficult for people to vote and how campaigns are funded.
Much like in New York City, they would like to implement a statewide 6-to-1 small donor matching system that would encourage voters to donate and in turn, give them a louder voice than large corporations.

State Sen. Alessandra Biaggi says she ran in the most expensive state Senate race in the 2018 election cycle. She defeated 14-year incumbent Jeff Klein, who she says had large corporations unfairly back him up.  

"I was outspent on my campaign 11 to 1. He spent over $3 million to our $300,000," says Biaggi.

Biaggi says it was only because of her hard work, matched with hundreds of volunteers knocking on doors, that she won.
She says such a disadvantage cannot exist in American politics.