NY Botanical Garden welcomes 20th anniversary of orchid show

The orchid show at the New York Botanical Garden is back again for its 20th year, with thousands of orchids in full bloom.  
A quick step inside the conservatory will offer sights of pink, white and yellow. Landscape artist Lily Kwong, the mastermind behind the designs, draws on traditional Chinese art for her inspiration.  
“This whole project is inspired by traditional Chinese garden design as well as Chinese landscape painting,” said Kwong. “There was a painting that lived in my living room my entire childhood, and they had these incredible mountain forms, and they always captured my attention,  so we built those to scale." 
The exhibit, titled Natural Heritage, is an immersive installation featuring thousands of orchids that are native to China and other parts of Asia, brought to life with help from horticulturists at the New York Botanical Garden.  
Kwong hopes that visitors can come in and feel more in touch with nature as well as their ancestry.  
“It's about my heritage, but I hope that it makes people dig in and ask questions about their own traditions, their own cultures,” said Kwong. “Every culture across the world has connections to the natural earth." 
The orchid show runs through April 23.