Nurse says her West Farms apartment is often without hot water

An essential worker living in the West Farms section of the Bronx says her apartment building is often left without hot water.

Liana Binns says the gas is also often shut off.
The nurse says the most important thing for her to do when she gets home is to kill any germs she may have tracked home from the hospital so that she doesn't potentially infect her family. But she says the hot water is out four to five days a week for her and other tenants.
Binns moved into the Clinton Towers three years ago with her husband.

Her mother also lives in the building and is 70 years old and puts in 16-hour shifts as a caretaker. 

They say especially as essential workers, their home should be their sanctuary. 

The hot water is usually there in the morning, but when she comes home at night, she says it's freezing cold.

She will normally boil hot water, but on Sunday the gas was turned off for an unconfirmed gas leak in one of the apartments in the building. 

She says this has been a stressful time, especially when the pandemic first began.


vice president of operations for the building tells News 12 they have brand-new boilers installed and have been waiting on a final inspection from Con Edison, but the pandemic has created a major delay.
Binns says it's now time for drastic measures because she's given the landlord the benefit of the doubt these last few years and is in the process of taking this issue to court.