NRC meeting seeks how gov’t can include public in process of dismantling nuclear reactors

A meeting was held in Cortlandt Wednesday to seek public input about how the federal government can include residents in the process of dismantling nuclear reactors.
The meeting drew many residents who felt they didn’t have a voice in the decommissioning process for the Indian Point nuclear power plant.
The meeting for the Nuclear Regulatory Committee happened at the town of Cortlandt Community Center. It comes as the NRC is preparing a report for Congress identifying best practices for establishing and operating local community advisory boards in communities around decommissioning nuclear power plants.
Officials in Buchanan, the home community of Indian Point, have already created an advisory board to help communicate developments as the complete closure of the nuclear facility nears.  Some residents say it doesn't do enough to protect the community.
The residents say they worry about the closure's impact on jobs, taxes, the environment and safety.
Some residents recommended that the NRC create community oversight boards that can have more of a say in decommissioning.
"We need members who are not invested in any perks of profits from the decommissioning process," says Margo Schepart, of Yorktown Heights. "We need only people who are concerned with the safety of the community and the storage of the waste."
As News 12 reported, Indian Point will fully shut down in spring of 2021. Holtec International is hoping to buy the plant to decommission it.