North Castle police: 81-year-old woman falls victim to 'grandma scam'

The North Castle Police Department has issued a warning regarding an elaborate scam targeting senior citizens, commonly known as the “grandma scam.”
This caution follows an incident involving an 81-year-old woman who fell victim to scammers on Thursday. According to the police, the woman encountered a spam link on her iPad, causing it to freeze. Subsequently, she dialed a phone number displayed on the screen.
The individual who answered claimed that the woman's bank accounts were compromised and to rectify the issue, she was instructed to withdraw a significant amount of money. An unidentified person then collected the withdrawn funds. The scammer kept the victim on the phone for the entire day, preventing her from contacting family members or law enforcement, a common tactic used by scammers.
North Castle police emphasize that this is an ongoing investigation. They advise anyone, especially older individuals, who receive such calls to hang up immediately and seek assistance from family members or the police.