‘Nobody wants to see that:’ Illegal dumping on I-87 angers Yonkers residents

Longstanding illegal dumping and parking along the Westchester-Bronx border has Yonkers officials and residents fed up and now they're calling on New York City to get the situation under control.
Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is calling on City of New York and its Department of Transportation to clean up of illegal dumping on the Major Deegan Expressway.
Spano says the huge mess is along the I-87 shoulder and service lanes at the Yonkers-Bronx border. Spano say that according to the New York State Thruway Authority, the stretch of road where the illegal dumping occurs (south of the McLean Avenue exits) is maintained by the City of New York.
It comes after several complaints from residents in recent months about furniture, tires, and even cabinets littering the roadways. Mayor Spano also specified the illegal dumping, which encourages rodent infestation, is most prevalent near Van Cortlandt Park, which both Yonkers and Bronx residents visit.
In addition to illegal dumping, commercial tracker-trailers are reported to be parking or idling along the thoroughfare causing visibility issues for motorists.
Spano says the I-87 is a gateway to the Hudson Valley and the garbage makes visitors who pass through feel unwelcomed.
"There is a simple fix: clean-up and enforce," added Mayor Spano. "No one should be dumping on our community."
"Nobody wants to see that, nobody wants to see that! I clean it up. I'm not supposed to be doing that after them," says Maurice O'Sullivan, of Yonkers.
New York City sanitation officials say they believe crooked contractors are often the culprits and they face a $4,000 fine for every offense, plus having their vehicle seized if they're caught.
One of the suggestion is that New York City officials install cameras in the area so they can catch the culprits in the act and get license plates to track them down.