No paycheck in sight for 11 Westchester air traffic controllers

Eleven full-time controllers working at the Westchester County Airport don't know when they will get paid.

News 12 Staff

Jan 4, 2019, 10:47 PM

Updated 2,024 days ago


The government shutdown is hitting home for the 11 full-time air traffic controllers at the Westchester County Airport who don't know when they will get paid.
"They have financial obligations like everybody else - paying their rent, their car, food and child care," says Doug Church, of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.
Church says even though the 11 controllers are still on the job, the airport is required to have 15. He says a group of new trainees expected to start Monday will have to wait.
"That means Westchester is going to be short-staffed for even longer," says Church.
Other problems at the airport caused by the shutdown include placing FAA workers on furlough.
Nancy Ardizone is always nervous about flying so hearing that FAA workers responsible for fixing a section of runway approach lights were placed on furlough didn't help. Ardizone says "it's very unsettling."
News 12 was told the lights were repaired.

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