‘No one gave up.’ Carmel police chief details how missing man was found in Mahopac

Roy Clayton went missing on July 27.

Jade Nash and Rob Taub

Aug 1, 2023, 9:17 PM

Updated 352 days ago


The Carmel police chief sat down with News 12 to detail how he and his department were able to locate a missing man after a dayslong search.
Chief Anthony Hoffman says he first learned that Roy Clayton went missing on Thursday, July 27 after getting a call from his family. The family told him Clayton went out for a walk and hadn't returned.
“They had done some searching on their own and they weren't able to locate him,” said Hoffman.
Hoffman says he dispatched some officers and got assistance from several agencies to locate Clayton, but they couldn't find him. They decided to widen their search into the Mahopac and Mahopac Falls area.
"We kept at it,” he said. “The officers, the detectives, the deputies, the troopers – no one gave up. It was a dogged search. And thankfully, just through recanvasing the neighborhoods, going back to the neighbors in the area, asking them to review their home security footage and whatnot – we were able to see Mr. Clayton on video on a street in Mahopac."
Clayton was found looking a bit confused and suffering from the effects of exposure and was airlifted to a Westchester hospital to get treatment.
Hoffman says they're planning to honor the first responders Wednesday at Carmel’s Town Board meeting.

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