Newburgh declares housing emergency, enforces rent control

Amidst a housing crisis, Newburgh's City Council has taken action, opting into rent control through the Emergency Tenant Protection Act.
This move instantaneously freezes rents at their existing rates within qualifying buildings.
The initiative offers eligible tenants protection from arbitrary evictions and triggers the establishment of a rent guidelines board by the county.
The board will play a critical role in defining limits on rent hikes, aiming to alleviate the housing affordability strain in the region.
The City of Newburgh released a statement saying, “The Newburgh City Council will continue to enact evidence-based, commonsense legislation that provide people with legal protections against the actions of those unscrupulous landlords who use market manipulation to levy exorbitant and unjustified rent hikes on our residents. This is a great day for democracy, and a great day for Newburgh.”