New Rochelle boy gives Venus flytraps to hospital patients in honor of late grandma

A young boy in New Rochelle delivers Venus flytrap plants to terminally ill patients at Calvary Hospital in the Bronx as a tribute to his grandmother.
Sebastian Leipold donates the insect-eating plant in memory of his late grandma, Lynn. He spent every day last September at the hospital with his grandmother while she was battling cancer.
While sitting with her, he noticed a fly buzzing around the room, and he was afraid it would fly into his grandmother's mouth while she was sleeping.
The 7-year-old decided that she needed a Venus flytrap to protect her. Now he carries on her memory by making monthly visits to the hospital and dropping off the plants to other families.
He's raised hundreds of dollars in donations for his Venus flytrap fund since his grandmother lost her fight with cancer.
Sebastian has started a GoFundMe page for his efforts.