New Orleans wins NBA draft lottery, Knicks get #3 pick

New York Knicks fans feel like they lost today, and their team didn’t even play in a game.
The NBA Draft Lottery was held last night, and the team will get the third overall pick in next month's draft.
New Orleans got the top pick, and will have the first chance at choosing Zion Williamson next month. Williamson, who played at Duke last season, is considered by some to be the best player coming into the league in the past decade.
The Knicks released a statement saying they are confident they will add a great player to their team.
The Pelicans won the lottery for the first time since 2012, when they chose Anthony Davis. And the lottery win comes after a season when Davis wanted a trade - something that might not seem so appealing to him now, not with Williamson likely coming to New Orleans.
Memphis will choose second, and the Los Angeles Lakers will pick fourth.
Williamson says he has never been to New Orleans. That might soon change.
AP wires were used in this report