New law named for Rockland man requires used cars to be sold with airbags

"Anthony Amoros' Law" is named after a young man from Rockland County who died in a car crash after a vehicle was sold to him without airbags.

News 12 Staff

Nov 8, 2021, 5:42 PM

Updated 988 days ago


Gov. Kathy Hochul has signed legislation prohibiting used car dealers from selling vehicles without working airbags.
The Anthony Amoros law is named after an 18-year-old man from Pomona who died almost nine years ago in a car crash after a vehicle was sold to him without airbags.
The teen did not know the airbags were removed before he purchased his car.
Before this new law, there was no requirement that a used vehicle sold by a dealer would need to have a working airbag.
Moving forward, certificates will need to be given to vehicle owners to make clear that the car has working airbags and a readiness indicator light that shows they are functioning.
"Anthony Amoros' family turned their heartbreak into action, and I've been proud to work alongside them to ensure all New York drivers are safe. This is a big win for everyone on the road and the Amoros family deserves our debt of gratitude," said state Sen. James Skoufis, who sponsored the bill.
The measure takes effect in 90 days and requires dealerships to provide documentation showing the vehicle has an airbag and a readiness indicator light that is functioning.
This law only applies to car dealerships, but the family says it's looking at crafting a bill that would apply to private car sales as well.

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