New Castle planning board member boycotts meetings over Israeli flag

New Castle planning board member Tom Curley has declared a boycott on future meetings until the removal of an Israeli flag from outside town hall.
During the previous planning board session, Curley said he objected to the town board's decision to raise the flag in the wake of Hamas' Oct. 7 terrorist attack against Israel. “The Israeli flag proclaims a rightful principle, human dignity, and security of its people. Yet, in my view, the immorality on both sides of this conflict is not conditional nor is it negotiable."
In response, New Castle Town Supervisor Lisa Katz acknowledged Curley's right to express his views but criticized the timing of his action. Katz expressed disappointment, citing its unfair impact on applicants and professionals who were expected to participate in the Planning Board meeting.
The items initially on the agenda for the last meeting are anticipated to be addressed on the 19th. However, with Curley's absence, the board faces challenges in convening, as it falls short of the required quorum under the state's public meeting laws.