New bionic technology helps amputees get their lives back

It’s not just for Marvel movies anymore. Bionic technology is helping amputees get their lives back in the Hudson Valley.
Prosthetist Dez Joseph says the new technology promotes normalcy for those who need it.
Bionic technology is also known as “mind-controlled” prosthetics.
Amputees like 30-year-old Sara Pellerin, who lost her arm after complications with Swine Flu is now able to open containers, make her children food and clean.
Pellerin is a patient at the Brooklyn-based prosthetic company Ortho-Craft that just opened an office on 9W in New Windsor.
Patients are fitted at the new office and prosthetics are then made in the Brooklyn facility Joseph says the new technology is changing lives because they restore function to people suffering from limb loss.
“The idea is restoring back quality of life,” Joseph says.
Pellerin says it has given her back a lot, including confidence and the ability to work and do everything she wants to do.