Neighbors raise concerns about construction over silver mines

Neighbors in Ossining are raising concerns about construction over silver mines.
There are five entrances to the Edwards Silver Mines up and down Spring Valley Road. Resident Laura Whitlinger tells News 12 that some of the abandoned mines are less than 50 feet away from families' homes.
Whitlinger and other residents say they're concerned that chemicals like mercury used to extract silver there many years ago could impact the people who live there now.
It comes after the Sunshine Children's Home and Rehab Center, which treats children with special needs, was allegedly approved to blast a mountain of rock to expand its center. The center is located on Spring Valley Road.
"We have a lot of concerns about them dynamiting above these mines -- especially with all the houses over here and the reservoir for the drinking water of 50,000 people right over on the other side," says Whitlinger. "That's Ossining and Briarcliff's drinking water."
Families who live there say that the town of New Castle did not require an environmental impact study.
News 12 called and emailed New Castle Town Supervisor Robert Greenstein, but he said he didn't have a comment. When News 12 asked if an environmental impact study was done, Greenstein pointed to the town's website, where there is a list of documentation associated with the project. But it wasn't clear if that particular study was performed.
News 12 spoke to a representative for the Sunshine Home and Rehab Center and was waiting to receive a comment on the matter.