Mystery swirls over sudden resignation of Clarktown school district's superintendent

At 5 p.m. Wednesday, Martin Cox will no longer be the superintendent at the Clarkstown Central School District.
The school board very quickly voted 5 to 1 Tuesday night in support of his resignation without ever explaining to the community why he is leaving.
Sources tell News 12 they're allowing Cox to resign instead of firing him, but never said why they would want to let him go.
From what News 12 has been told, the community and the board lost faith in him in recent months.
He was seen as anti-justice and anti-police for his delayed response to a controversial presentation done by a student about the Black Lives Matter movement.
Parents were also critical of his decision to enforce a mask mandate for students and staff this year before the CDC and state Health Department did.
Parents got so outraged at a meeting that they had to end it after just 15 minutes, with parents yelling and refusing to wear masks.
Some parents applauded Tuesday night when they heard the announcement of his departure, although some did appreciate his work for their kids.
Cox released a statement saying, "I wish our students the very best with all their educational endeavors, both now and in the future. In addition, I am thankful for our teachers, staff, and administrators, whose daily efforts make a positive impact for students."
Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Mr. Jeff Sobel will be the interim superintendent until a new one is appointed.