Police: 1 seriously injured when Hummer slams into school bus in Yorktown

According to police Chief Robert Noble, the bus was carrying approximately six children, and some minor injuries were reported among them.

Emily Young

Apr 12, 2024, 3:01 PM

Updated 35 days ago


A Hummer collided with a school bus Friday morning in Yorktown seriously injuring one person, according to police.
"The way the car hit into that bus, it was deadly," said Carmella Pervizi, who lives right near where the accident happened.
Police say it happened around 9:30 a.m.
News 12 viewer video of crash
"The bus was headed eastbound on the road behind me, which is old Yorktown Road, Route 132,” said Yorktown Police Chief Robert Noble. “And the Hummer was basically heading westbound and failed to yield the right of way to the school bus, cutting in front of the school bus and creating the impact." “All of a sudden, I hear boom. I thought a bomb went off that's how loud it was,” said Carmella Pervizi.
There were five special needs students from the Lakeland School District on the bus, ranging from ages 17-20, who escaped through the back door of the bus.
Daniel Pervizi helped get the school bus driver’s door open.
“I was talking to the woman [bus driver], I started pulling on the door to try and open it, two other people came and started helping me and we got the door open," Daniel Pervizi said.
“And then I went to the other car and there was a man, and it looked like his daughter, and they were totally kind of out of it, said Carmella Pervizi.
That Hummer driver was seriously injured and taken to Westchester Medical Center.
“His door was stuck, too,” she added. “So one of the other guys came and they opened the door, and we just left them there till the ambulance came."
The students on the bus sustained minor injuries. Their parents met them at the scene and went with them to the hospital.
Route 132 between Badger and Wildwoods streets was closed for several hours.
Carmella Pervizi, who’s lived there since 2014, tells News 12 she’s been writing to the town for years to try and get a stop sign or light put up. She said this stretch of land, just a few hundred feet away from the entrance to the Taconic Parkway, has always been dangerous, but this is the worst crash she’s seen.

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