Mt. Vernon sergeant acquitted of accusation against him, 2 officers being investigated

The City of Mount Vernon has released an update on the police department's internal investigation of police officers accused of misconduct and corruption.
Sgt. Sean Fegan, who used to be the head of the police department's narcotics unit before it was disbanded last year, was acquitted of all allegations made against him by a fellow officer.
City officials say the narcotics unit was disbanded because one of their police officers, Murashea Bovell, came forward with audio recordings, photos and documented accounts alleging excessive force, corruption and police misconduct.
Fegan was one of the officers Bovell called out.
The city said some of the claims Bovell is making aren't substantiated.
Police officials say Detective Camilo Antonini and officer Ryan Hughes, who was arrested back in June for allegedly using excessive force on a woman, are both being investigated. In November, officer John Campo was suspended pending his investigation.
"I understand in the age of police reform everyone is skeptical," said Ernest Morales III, first deputy police commissioner of Mount Vernon. "However, as I stated, not only has the Westchester County DA's Office looked at this previously, as well as us, we are now handing it over to new leadership to look at it once again. But more importantly, this is also at the federal level as well, where they are monitoring and looking at this case."
Westchester District Attorney Mimi Rocah said her office's investigation will be conducted independently from the Mount Vernon Police Department.
"A local police department's conclusions about its own internal investigations cannot and do not represent the conclusions of the Westchester District Attorney's Office," said Rocah.
Bovell's attorney says they are not satisfied with the police department's internal investigation and that they will be bringing more evidence to the foreground next week.