Mount Vernon mayoral election marks end to yearlong drama at City Hall

Shawyn Patterson-Howard, the newly elected mayor of Mount Vernon, made history Tuesday night when she became the first African American female mayor in Westchester County.
She easily defeated her opponents, including acting Mayor Andre Wallace.

The election marked the end of a year of drama in Mount Vernon City Hall. The saga started with Mayor Richard Thomas, who pleaded guilty to campaign finance charges.This was followed by a nearly one-month battle as to who was the acting mayor.
Patterson-Howard campaigned on getting City Hall back on track financially and reducing crime.
Community members say they want to regain trust in City Hall.  They also want to see infrastructure fixed throughout the city.

"I feel like I've been sitting around for several months just looking at what needs to be done and now I will have the opportunity to actively do what needs to be done in Mount Vernon,” says Patterson-Howard.

Patterson-Howard says she's building her transition team and wants to make sure if a budget is passed before Jan. 1, it meets her administration’s needs.

She will be sworn in Jan. 1.