Mount Vernon homeowners who suffered from sewer backups eligible for state funding

Mount Vernon homeowners who have suffered from sewage backups are now eligible for part of $3 million in state funds. It comes just days after another dangerous storm damaged the city.
The money is another way the state is tackling Mount Vernon's sewer crisis, which stems from years of not maintaining an aging and inadequate system. 
Residents met with city officials Wednesday night at City Hall about the pilot program. There was a lot of criticism from residents who said they feel like the grant won't fix their issues.
The money is only for people making under a certain income level, and the work is only for sewage backups - not flooding - which many had previously thought was included.   
Members of the Governor's Office of Storm Recovery acknowledged the concerns they heard but know this will help some part of the city's residents.
Mount Vernon's water and sewage systems have reached a breaking point after a century of overuse and neglect.
The state gave Mount Vernon $150 million in April to fix its crumbling pipes and infrastructure.
The $3 million for home repairs is in addition to that money.
The income threshold is a big concern for many residents, but state officials say it's decided by the federal government which initially gave the money to the state.
Still, officials encourage residents to apply because it will help them understand what the city needs. 
The Office of Storm Recovery plans to come back to Mount Vernon around September to see what they can offer.