Mount Kisco synagogue shows support for detained custodian

About 100 people showed their support for a Mount Kisco father who is detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Congregants stood outside the Bet Torah Synangogue Tuesday night, pleading for Armando Rojas to be kept in the United States. Rojas is the longtime custodian of the synagogue.
Rojas is an undocumented immigrant who is currently sitting in an upstate New York prison, detained by ICE and waiting on a judge to grant him asylum.
According to ICE, Rojas was asked to leave the U.S. in 1993. He did not, making him a fugitive.
Police say he was detained in March and was subsequently deported. In June, Rabbi Aaron Brusso traveled to the border to help him return, securing a case in his effort for asylum.
Brusso says his claim for asylum has so far been denied once. Family members hope an appeal can change that.
Rojas has a wife and two sons who are U.S. citizens.