Another symbol of hate: Identity Evropa sticker found in Yonkers

Another symbol of hate has been found, this time in in Yonkers
An Identity Evropa sticker was discovered in a parking lot last night near Executive Boulevard.
Identity Evropa, rebranded as the American Identity Movement in March 2019, is an American neo-Nazi and white supremacist organization. The group is identified as a white supremacist organization by the Anti-Defamation League and is designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.
The 2012 sticker on the back of this sign is not a symbol of white supremacy or anti-Semitism, but a popular piece of artwork made by Rockland County-based street artist Vinny Raffa.
Flyers from the group were found in Croton-on-Hudson and on the campuses of SUNY Purchase and Westchester Community College last year.