Monticello DPW supervisor makes racist remarks on video

Video of a racist rant by Monticello Department of Public Works Supervisor Raymond Jones has surfaced and has prompted calls for his termination.
In the video, Jones uses a racist term multiple times to describe his employee Stefon McGinnis, a machine operator who has worked for the DPW for nine years.
McGinnis said he reported the video to Mayor Gary Sommers, but claims the village is “trying to cover it up and act like it doesn’t exist.”
Mayor Gary Sommers says the village is looking into the video and has zero tolerance for racism. He told News 12 that Jones’ “understands fully” that he made a mistake.
McGinnis, however, says Jones has been saying racist things for a “very long time” and he just happened to get caught.
The village is considering disciplinary action against Jones, who remains on the job