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Mold issues keep daughter, 84-year-old mom out of apartment for nearly 3 months

A mother and daughter say they haven't been able to return to their Hartsdale apartment for nearly three months due to the mold.

News 12 Staff

Sep 20, 2019, 12:23 AM

Updated 1,736 days ago


A mother and daughter say they haven't been able to return to their Hartsdale apartment for nearly three months due to the mold.
Kathy McCabe tells News 12 that her mother, Anne McCabe, had to spend her 84th birthday in a hotel room Thursday due to mold issues in their home.
As News 12 reported in early August, conditions were so bad that a mushroom grew out of their bathroom wall. 
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Kathy McCabe says they've wiped through their savings paying for hotel stays. 

"It's a little hard for me right now cause I know a lot of people didn't do the right thing, and if they did, it would’ve been so much sooner that we would've been back in the unit already,” she syas. 

In his 28th year as Greenburgh town supervisor, Paul Feiner says this is the first of its kind. 

"I've never had something like this,” he says. 

Feiner says repair work was started without proper permits, which slowed down the entire restoration. 

"If it's an emergency like this, you know, we would issue the permit in a matter of a day or two,” he says. 

The apartment’s super admitted work was started without permits in order to expedite the process. 

The attorney representing the owner, the co-op board, and Gramatan Management, which oversees the property, released a statement stating in part that after work was approved to begin Sept 16, "the next day the building owner's contractor was back in the tenant's apartment performing work. It is anticipated that the restoration work will be completed within a week."

News 12 confirmed that work was being done.


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