Missing ashes found unscathed despite extensive fire damage from Fishkill apartment fires

A Fishkill woman has been reunited with the lost ashes of her mother following a massive fire on April 18.

News 12 Staff

Apr 23, 2021, 9:25 PM

Updated 1,181 days ago


A Fishkill woman has been reunited with the lost ashes of her mother following a massive fire on April 18.
Lisa Flamio of Fishkill, tells News 12 that she lost her mother to cancer in March. This month, she lost her home in a series of fires deliberately set to multiple properties in the Merritt Park complex.
She couldn’t grab her mother’s urn on her way out and feared that the ashes would be gone forever, too.
However, her mother’s ashes were found on Thursday.
“I said, it can’t be and then it was,” says Flamio. “This was quite a miracle.”
Stephen DeLillo of Belfor Property Restoration located the unscathed urn under a huge pile of charred debris.
Given the extensive fire damage, Delillo believes it’s a miracle.
“Being able to bring that down to her and to see her pure emotion and her pure happiness that it was actually able to be found felt really good,” says Delillo.
News 12 is told a bag with more ashes was also found in perfect condition.
“Mom and dad are with us, once and for all,” says Flamio. “So, we want to say a big thank you to the guys at Belfor.”
Flamio further went on to say “It means that this will not be my mom and dad’s final resting place and that was one thing that I would not and could not live with. It means that they are with us.”

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